Teachers regularly have to seek out grants and free resources to meet the educational needs of their classrooms. We created this award to help teachers get the supplies they need to educate future generations.

Win $2,500 for your classroom witht he California Casualty Academic Award.

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Give your wallet a break...

Let California Casualty help you stop paying out-of-pocket for school supplies and instructional materials.

California Casualty Academic Award

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* A contestant must be an active employee of a K-12 public school, a current member of the AEA, CTA, NEA (National Education Association), or referred by a current member of the state NEA affiliate or one of our other participating educator associations including: ACSA, CASE, COSA, KASA, NASA, UAESP or UASSP. Full rules here

Read the California Casualty Academic Award Press release here.
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